These Social Media Tools Do Some Heavy Lifting

If you're a one-person freelance shop, then I'm sure you'll want to have some tools that can do 2 or more jobs for you at the same time.

Here are 5 such tools that Larry Chase recently shared in his free Web Digest for Marketers newsletter. Most have a basic free version available, with paid upgrades to more features:

1. Social Crawlytics -Analyze your own site or a competitor's. This tool generates a report telling you: what content is getting shared the most; who is doing the most sharing; and which channels are being used the most. Use the results to model the best strategies that are working for others in your niche. Prune your own strategies that aren't working.

2. Piktochart - You don't need to be a graphic designer to create your own infographics with this tool. It's popular right now to share infographics on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, so why not try to create a few of your own?

3. NeedTagger - Are you serious about using Twitter to prospect for customers? Then this little tool lets you dig in and get the results. Get to know your prospects with laser-focus by zeroing in on what they're saying on Twitter. Any good copywriter will begin with a clear picture of his prospect. This tool will help you detail that picture.

4. Friends+Me - I like this tool's tag line: Do More By Doing Less. Do you have some great content to share across all your social network channels? Through Friends+Me you post it once to Google+. It's then automatically reposted it to all the other networks of your choosing. The free version let's you enable 2 non-Google+ accounts for reposting. More accounts requires a monthly fee, starting at $2/month for 10 accounts.

5. Scheduled Tweets - Twitter provides this tool for their ad customers. Instead of assigning an employee to tweet your Promoted and Sponsored marketing campaign in real-time, this tool schedules them. You can also use it to schedule your regular tweets. You must be a Twitter ad customer to use this tool.

By Kevin Rokosh

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