5 Must-Follow Blogs About Machine Learning [List]

Do you realize that the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer on the horizon, but literally at our feet now?

The IoT will become a world of 100 billion connected devices. Imagine the massive amounts of data generated. It'll be loaded with insights, but how do you discover them all?

Machine Learning (ML) is the first answer to all the questions you can ask.

Imagine a computer program that re-organizes itself to deal with new data. That's the definition of ML. It belongs inside the computing domain of Artificial Intelligence.

If you're new to computer programming, then ML is where you want to be. You should have lifelong employment opportunities.

To learn about ML and get involved in the field, following a few great blogs is the way to go. But what makes a great ML blog? Here are a few criteria to consider:
  • The blogger shares ML knowledge and helps you see trends.
  • It has ML use-cases and tutorials.
  • It has an active community of followers - look for lots of post comments.
  • The blogger has an accessible, readable style.
  • It's frequently updated.

The 5 Must-Follow ML Blogs

Here are 5 ML blogs you can start with. You'll find brief introductions to ML, including important concepts, applications and challenges.
  1. http://machinelearningmastery.com/blog/
  2. https://blog.monkeylearn.com/a-gentle-guide-to-machine-learning/
  3. http://fastml.com/
  4. http://hunch.net/ 
  5. http://blog.kaggle.com/
 Have I missed your favourites? Let me know by posting your comment.

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