How Even D-List Celebrities Can Help You Build Credibility

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that Clearblue pregnancy test marketers found some leverage using Twitter to promote their product.

D-list celeb Kendra Wilkinson (a former Playboy bunny) Tweeted her pregnancy test results with the hashtag #ClearblueConfirmed. She's garnered more than 1800 re-Tweets, and 5,600+ favorites for the post.

Clearblue recruited Wilkinson to Tweet her results after finding that many of their customers were already sharing their results on Twitter.

Marketers can take a cue from this approach. Study how your customers are interacting with your brand in the Twitter-verse. If you can identify a trend, recruit a celebrity to join along. The "endorsement" works in the same way endorsements work in old-school advertising - credibility by association. As you see in this case, even D-List celebrities can work - and help you save some marketing dollars too.

by Kevin Rokosh

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